The #1 Housing Initiative

Along the way I noticed we all meaning, college students, criminals, felons, etc…had something in common. No one really had a place to call home. My #1 Housing Initiative would allow anyone with a thousand dollars down to make and own themselves a home. It would have a thirty thousand dollar a year maximum income qualification. That way big businesses can’t buy up all the homes. These will be bank or private owned homes with a total price of five thousand dollars with a one hundred dollar monthly payment. The homes would be the abandoned homes we all see in the hood as they say. Helping everyone to have that place to call home. I wish one day these can be more than words. And no background checks just a written promise to have the home livable within two years. I wish for every man and women even criminals to have a chance to call somewhere home in this great america. People we been dancing a good dance, but how about we start getting down one time for our country……..JTD