People always talk about what a parent will do when their kids are hungry. These days people need to pay attention to what a child may do when they notice their parents are hungry. JOBS ARE BEING LOST AS SOON AS JOBS ARE BEING FOUND. Parents spend their lives working to keep a roof over their head. Then one day a child walks into the room and finds their mother crying because of a job lay off. Or a father smoking a cigarette on the porch while waiting for a ride to work that never comes. At that moment JUMP THRU DARKNESS and talk to the children because if you don’t every child has a fire that can be lit inside them. For a child to feel like it’s all up to them is a dangerous thing. Which leads to addictions, crimes, and gangs. Kids have no fear. All they will have in their mind is they have to help put food on the table. Add in the fact that most of their parents are in and out of jail they turn on survival mode and do what they have to do as they say. The problem is in the ways a child can help. These days crime is the only way for a child to really help their parents. We as people need to JUMP THRU DARKNESS and find ways for the young to make honest money to help the household. Because lets face it what would you do if your parents were hungry and out in the cold?….JTD

By Jumping Thru Darkness Books for Sobriety.

I am a recovering alcoholic that used my own methods to become sober. My books are stories and poems as well as spoken words that sums up my journey. Along with my own sobriety program for all. JUMPING THRU DARKNESS may and can help when nothing else seems to work.