Hang on…

Let’s chat a little. So you love to drink and that’s okay. But what about all your memories. You know the memories from when you made your kids. Oh you just remember the hangover. What about when your child first started walking. Oh you didn’t see their first steps because the cup was up to your face. Okay so you woke up one morning you know with the heat from your nose making you feel like a dragon. With a headache that made you feel like you spent the night nailing up a window with your head. Then you walk in the living room and everyone is looking at you like you in the wrong house. Or that friend you be around all day sober but you seem to love to start fights with when you drunk. No wonder that friend barely answers your call. You be on top of the world with a drink. But deep inside the feeling of somethings wrong is always there. Something maybe but you will never blame the alcohol. So all you can do is JUMP THRU DARKNESS until you realize it maybe the the alcohol and just hang on……..JTD


By Jumping Thru Darkness Books for Sobriety.

I am a recovering alcoholic that used my own methods to become sober. My books are stories and poems as well as spoken words that sums up my journey. Along with my own sobriety program for all. JUMPING THRU DARKNESS may and can help when nothing else seems to work.

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