Pickle, Pill, and a Pillow

Further along the story I found myself feeling pain in both my legs. Feeling like Dr. who after being remade I felt I was finally okay fighting addiction and living good and clean. I made a appointment to see the doctor about the pain. I went to the store and wanted a pickle. I had my pickle when I entered the office. As I laid back on the bed for MY x ray I was finishing the last piece of pickle. I had a pill for my pain in my pocket so I popped it fast. As I was laying there feeling good from the pill and pickle. The doctor told me arthritis was in both my knees. As they rolled me back to the other room to change while I was laying there something made it hard for me to feel bad. It was the pillow. It was the softest pillow I had ever felt. Now it might have been one damn good pill and one great tasting pickle. But nevertheless I was already thinking about JUMPING THRU DARKNESS cause arthritis haven’t met me yet. Even if no one beats health we can always fight to show health we will always care………

By Jumping Thru Darkness Books for Sobriety.

I am a recovering alcoholic that used my own methods to become sober. My books are stories and poems as well as spoken words that sums up my journey. Along with my own sobriety program for all. JUMPING THRU DARKNESS may and can help when nothing else seems to work.