Alcoholism ( Is Your Happiness Real )…….

From having your first drink from a beer you stole out the refrigerator at 13 years old. To running a fortune 500 company and drinking DIVA VODKA that costs 1 Million Dollars a bottle to help you enjoy life. What is truly the happiness of it all. I mean is your happiness making yourself feel intoxicated and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Your happiness is saying things you would never say sober. I mean maybe your happiness involves a two day hangover that’s so bad it makes you hate water. Jump Thru Darkness and understand that all that alcoholic happiness is you acting and feelings like someone else and not yourself. So if you act different and talk different is that happiness real? Maybe that’s what a hangover is about all that fake alcoholic happiness leaving your body. Leaving you with your own feelings of pain and sickness. Try to laugh and dance Sober. Try a date with your lover Sober. When you feel you have earned a reward let your reward be a clean and sober day. No more living a fake happiness that often leaves your life in a mess. Finally being soberly happy while Jumping Thru Darkness……JTD

By Jumping Thru Darkness Books for Sobriety.

I am a recovering alcoholic that used my own methods to become sober. My books are stories and poems as well as spoken words that sums up my journey. Along with my own sobriety program for all. JUMPING THRU DARKNESS may and can help when nothing else seems to work.

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