Fighting for your Dignity and Decency

Dear addictions,

You have taken my dignity and decency. While under addictions spell everything seems to be well. You do and learn things that seem okay in all live. But you never see the cost is your dignity and decency right. As addicts we sleep around, masturbate, cheat, lie, etc… and all in the world seems good. Your body will always like to feel good. Once you Jump Thru Darkness and become clean, you will notice that addictions still exist even when the drugs and alcohol are put down. You will notice habits you learned while in your addiction, that threatens your dignity and decency. It never bothered you before because your body loved it all. Now and forever more is the time to fight once more. You must Jump Thru Darkness to fight for your decency and dignity and return to normal. Don’t worry about being right or becoming a christian. Just worry about earning back your dignity and decency, while Jumping Thru Darkness with your sobriety…JTD