Addictions Teach And Not Over Preach …

It’s easy to say that you are someone else’s hero. Only thing is does that person really need a hero. Is that person in need of saving or is that person in need of some addiction education. Preaching to someone who knows whats wrong can become a lost cause. But teaching someone how to handle whats wrong can make them applause. Addictions are something you have to almost study to learn how to achieve sobriety. Like a walk down an empty alley it can be scary for some and home for others. So trying to been a hero to someone that feels they are in heaven when they are in their addictions can be pointless. So Jump Thru Darkness and try to teach and not over preach….JTD


By Jumping Thru Darkness Books for Sobriety.

I am a recovering alcoholic that used my own methods to become sober. My books are stories and poems as well as spoken words that sums up my journey. Along with my own sobriety program for all. JUMPING THRU DARKNESS may and can help when nothing else seems to work.

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